Sexual abused from a woman.

child-abuse-660x350I was not more than five years old when I first found myself in between a woman legs

I had no idea what was going on at that time she was making ugly noises, and she was holding my tiny hips squeezing me suddenly she stopped she got what she wanted, she said if you tell anyone that they will beat you badly I was so afraid but I had no clue what is going on, I came back home from next door, and next day same thing happened and than many of nights like that she was making all of that mess to me she forced me to touched her every part of body where a woman can enjoy her self, in the beginning I did not understand what is that all about but she dragged me in that, That selfless woman started abusing me day and night when ever she felt to need me she came to my home and pick me for her self, I do not really remember but some tiny memories of me make me remind that she was making drama that she is afraid for something and she can not sleep alone that is why she wanted me to sleep in her bed In fact that was a devil inside her. that period of being child abused up to four years and one day she got married and I was crying found myself all alone damage was done, she ruined my life which followed me until last week, A kind Friend of me told me to talk to her, now and I forced my self to sent her message and said what i wanted to say, she was not admitting at first but when I said I  am going to tell to every one in your family than she admitted , the funny thing was there when she said that was not four years ? she has felt no shame for what she did, I am belong to the society where every one want me to let it go just do not speak but I am speaking up without any fear, and advice to people who really take care of their beloved daughters also have to take care of their small boys because that is the same mess can ruined any child’s life-like some nasty woman did to me.

Letters Vs Email …


Sending messages to your loved ones, family, friends, relatives people did from the beginning. God sent his messages through an angel, Gabriel, to his messengers who educated us. There was a time when people connected with each other through letters. People waited days, weeks, months even to get their letters and to learn about their loved ones who were away from them, or for the purposes of trade or travel for hundreds of years. In the meantime small changes happened, from post offices which used horses, ships, even train later, to send mail to other cites or different regions. In war times they created telegrams for quick massaging…and now for the last two decades things have been changing rapidly. We found the internet and cellular phones and we become limited, as technology developed and the world became a global village. Now there is no limit of distance just one press on a button and we can send our message thousands of miles in seconds. For example, post offices in many countries downsize, people don´t write greeting cards or letters but sent text messages or emails instead because the majority has lost interest in sending mail. Question! Do these developments limit us? Yes, because even living in the same town we do not have time to meet our friends or family. We just send them a message and that is all. We are drifting away from each other day by day and very much depend on technology. What will the future look like? Will everyone just be stuck in their room and make relationships through technology? … We have to think about that .

Fragrance Of a Unique Love …


That was a wonderful evening before Christmas when they first met in that nice cafe. She appeared to be a bit of a shy person, he started to talk. “Look at you. Why don’t you pay attention to yourself?” “What do you mean?” she asked him, her eyes full of questions. “Do I look like an ugly woman?” “No, you seem to be a woman who is not taking care of herself. You are a beautiful woman with a kind heart.” She lowered her head, thinking. “I did not mean to hurt you my beautiful woman, you are a pearl who is ignoring herself.” She smiled, taking a sip of her coffee. “I will be better when we meet again.” she said. Holding hands they looked into each other’s eyes. They looked at each other for a long time, their faces smiling… After one, two, and three years they met again in the same cafe enjoying their favorite coffee. They talked about the four years they had been together, so many good things, such wonderful memories along with precious feelings. They seemed amazingly happy, a glad couple. He looked into her eyes and said: “Every time I meet you I feel like I am meeting you for the first time. It has been like this for the past four years, it happens every day, I have the same feeling from day one. So much love, so much longing, so much attraction as well as affection for you.” She was in tears and said: “You are everything to me. I am the happiest person on earth because of you.” “Oho can you please stop throwing flowers on me.” he teased her. “No, today you have to hear me without saying a word.” She said. “Alright darling, I will listen.” And she talked and talked but he was lost in her pretty face and he did not know how long it was before she stopped. “Can we go home now?” He said. They looked at each other again with an intimate look and left the cafe. Outside it was snowing. They walked close to each other, their hands hugging, in that lovely night. They were going to celebrate their second wedding anniversary and they left behind the fragrance of a Unique Love…

A Poor Poet and a Little Boy


“How are you old man?” a boy asked a poet handing him a cup of tea.” “Oh thank you so much my child, you are so kind to me.”  “Did you take your medicine.” The boy then asked. “No, I forget to take my medicine because I am not used to taking medicine. “But my respected poet, if you do not take your medicine you will get sicker and who will take care of you old man?” The old man lowered his head and started to think about something deeply. Finally he said: “I was a famous poet once and I used to belong to the elite class. Everybody adored my poetry and day by day I became prouder and prouder and I treated others with disrespect. I never appreciated any of the new young poets. Slowly and silently people grew tired of my behavior but I did not pay attention to that and I was going in my flow until one day I realized I was a am very lonely person. I had everything, all the luxuries and servants but nobody was pleased with me. I drank and one day when I got back home all the servants were gone. I was all alone in the big house. I felt the loneliness but it was too late. I get the reward for my behaviour in the shape of that sadness. A little later an illness stopped me from writing the poems. No one was interested to sit with me in my poor situation. I sold my house and bought this small place. Here I can feel freshness and I avoid to tell people who I am. I am so sorry for my behavior but its too late my child. When you grow up, do not lead your life like I did, it was wrong. Be a good person, behave nicely. Now you can go home, I will rest …

Dialog With a Butterfly


On a pink flower a butterfly was sitting, sucking the juice. I was watching her and suddenly she looked at me and started to talk: “Hey you, why are you looking at me, the butterfly”. She asked me. “I am admiring how beautiful you are, dear butterfly?” She smiled at me and replied: “Do not try to butter me up.” “Oh no, I am not, not at all, I am not buttering you up, dear, but you really look very pretty and the makeup you are wearing is very nice too.”  “Are you jealous?” she asked me? “No, no, why would I feel jealous? I am not a woman who feels jealous, I am a man and I think you are beautiful with your colors.” “ Those are my natural colors. God made me this way.” She explained with a proud look. “Of course God made you that way. What is your name?” I asked her? I cannot tell you my name. My mother told me not to talk to humans because they catch us, put us in books or in glass frames and show us to others and they smile at us, so I am sorry I cannot talk to you anymore and not even tell you my name.” I was surprised to hear what she had said to me when she open her tiny wings and flew away. ‘What she said is true.’ I thought to myself, ‘humans often destroy the nature and we have to think about that…’

Friends Forever: About a Pen and a Notebook

Once upon a time in a far away City there was  a shop. And in the shop there was a pen which had been in the shop for a long time.  No one wanted to buy the pen. No one ever looked at it and the pen was very sad. Days went by turning into weeks and the pen felt sadder and sadder. One day it saw a notebook lying on the counter. It looked untouched. The pen looked at the notebook every day and he saw that no one appeared to be interested in it. The pen decided to talk to the notebook and gathered all its courage. The notebook was very happy that someone finally showed interest in it. From that day the pen and the notebook talked every day and soon they became the closest friends. The notebook opened up to the pen. The pen began to fill the empty pages and they lived happily ever after …

A Beautiful Valley and Moon Light

A beautiful vallyI was sitting on a big stone and just amazed to see around me,  trees, small river, clouds and big mountains their peeks dipped in snow and I felt a cold breeze. It was all just wonderful to feel, to see how beautiful God made this world and maybe those are blinks from God to show us heaven and paradise, what it will look like. It was almost evening and the sky was full of clouds. I was waiting for the night and I went back to my hotel room… I was still hearing the sound of water gushing down the valley and becoming a part of the river. The way it all looked was just wonderful; the world seemed like a wonderland. A little later after dinner I stepped out onto the balcony and I saw the moon light on the next mountain`s peek, dipped with snow and the moon light made it look even more precious. I jumped up with joy. ‘Wow’, I said to myself, ‘I will go and look at the moon a bit more, later on’ and so I did. I left the hotel and crossed the road. I walked down some steps and again sat down on the big stone and I gazed at the brightly shining moon and its companions the stars.                                                                                                That was what I had been waiting for the whole day, to see this scene…. I was holding a cup of coffee in my hand and I was thinking….